Aidan Maguire Hair Salon opened in 2008 and has become a destination for people who care about their style and the hair stylists who help them achieve it. We rely on our extensive technical knowledge and believe in using only quality products to bring you to your hair goals.

In 2014 we moved to our current home on South Road, Stourbridge. We were happy to say we had outgrown our first salon and needed more room to accommodate our clients. And everyone was very happy with the introduction of Chromatherapy, Shiatsu Massage wash basins, which have been described as “hair wash heaven”.

As fully qualified Great Lengths Hair Extensions technicians in Stourbridge we create extra volume or length with beautiful seamless results. Or give that vibrant dramatic flash of colour without the risk to your own hair. Check out our Salon Services page to see what we can offer.


Aidan Maguire

Hi, I’m Aidan, I qualified as a hairdresser back in 2004 and got to work building a clientele. I have always been very fortunate to have open-minded and creative clients who let me push my skills to the limits. So in 2008 I decided to create a space in which I could make all my own decisions regarding time, tools and products and so Aidan Maguire Hair Salon was born. Cutting has always remained my favourite part of salon life but I am fascinated by chemical services and their constantly evolving nature. I look forward to seeing you in my chair…

Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison

Hi, I’m Sam, I came to work with Aidan back in 2009 after already building a successful salon following. I believe a great hair style can enhance self-esteem and create joy through self expression. I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing but I really love putting hair up, especially vintage and bridal styles as these are often the crowning glory to a perfect look. Hair was made to have fun with, so lets see how brave you are…