It is often that you hear from silver foxes or silver sirens that the worst part of ageing is having to rid themselves of longer styles or just simply to admit defeat in the battle against growing older gracefully but with so many younger people wanting to pull off grey and silver hair, rejoice can be taken in owning your NATURALLY grey hair! As we age, the growth cycle of our hair changes, resulting in the hair follicles starting to rest which will, in turn slow down the hair growth allowing it to become weaker and more fragile which makes you ask ‘why do I want to allow myself to become grey?’ but here is the science bit…

These pretty young things spend an absolute fortune to recreate what you already have! Grey hair is precisely this because as we grow older, we lose the melanin from within our hair structure which can mean we feel like we lack luster and shine but this being said, it is still a very natural process and this is what we need to remember. For those pretty young things to achieve your look, the process is a gruelling one with many hours of maintenance to come, firstly the hair needs to be bleached to artificially remove the melanin pigments which results in a ‘white’ blonde. The second stage of the process is to then deposit a silver or grey into the hair depending on the level of lift you have gained, (sometimes this can take several attempts at the lifting process where the client will HATE their look for what appears to be an eternity for them!) once toned to add deposit, another permanent colour is then applied all over to deposit deeper than just the surface of the hair meaning it will help to reduce fading issues which are common with fashion colours, we normally expect to see clients top up every four weeks to maintain these tones and you have them for FREE! I mean: yes, once created, it is a stunning look but the hairs condition is compromised considerably, meaning there may be breakage which then means going for the chop.

So you already have the blank slate which will complement the vast majority of eye colours and skin tones, you need to just look after it but how?…

  1. Shampoo and condition regularly
    As grey hair can be prone to weakness it is essential to keep it healthily hydrated. Without its former pigment, grey hair is vulnerable to discolouration — such as yellowing or dulling — from environmental pollutants too. Prevent this process with a hydrating shampoo, which also helps protect grey hairs from becoming brittle, and a conditioner that contains antioxidants. The conditioner helps protect you from UV and environmental damage. We recommend KMS Moist Repair range for optimum results or if you are finding your hair is becoming discoloured, try our Colour Vitality range for blonde or grey hair.
  2. Use a conditioning treatment once a week
    Apply a deep-conditioning treatment once a week to restore moisture that is lost along with the pigment. Keep up the moisturising treatments to keep your hair shiny, soft and manageable, rather than dull or wiry.
  3. Take control
    Wash your hair with a toner shampoo specifically formulated for grey hair about once every month or two. These subtly cool-hued toners give your hair a cool sheen and help offset any yellowing that may occur. For your first application, mix just a bit of the toner shampoo with your regular moisturising shampoo. Experiment with ratios until you find the tint you like. We recommend our range of Celeb Luxury products which offer perfect colour/tone options to make you look and feel a million dollars.
  4. Complement your style
    Style your hair with alcohol-free shine spray to control frizz, a common issue for brittle grey hairs, and lend your locks a healthy but subdued sheen. Unlike alcohol-heavy versions, alcohol-free sprays prevent additional dryness. Seek sprays with vitamin B5 to bolster your hair’s structure. For bolder styles, turn to a lightweight volumizing mousse and gentle brushing with a barrel brush, which gives your hairdo a healthy lift. Our add volume range is our secret accomplice!

Things You’ll Need

  • Hydrating shampoo
  • Antioxidant conditioner
  • Deep-conditioning treatment
  • Shampoo with blue or violet toner
  • Alcohol-free shine spray
  • Volumising mousse, optional
  • Barrel brush, optional

Finally here are our top tips, always remember that your stylist is there for you; talk to us about all of your worries and concerns for we are here to make your life a little better every day đŸ™‚

To bring out the best in your grey hair, choose a modern hairstyle with clean, streamlined edges, such as a classic fade for men or a pixie cut for women. If you do love the longer tresses, this is fine too, all you have to do is look after it to keep it healthily beautiful! Trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep broken strands and split ends under control. Avoid heavy styling products, such as thick waxes, greasy pomades or oil-based serums, which weigh down your style and often give grey hair a dusty look or unappealing coating. Likewise, stay away from intensive heat styling and perms to avoid damaging or drying out your hair. If your toner shampoo gives your hair an overly blue or purple-hued tint, switch to a clarifying shampoo until your hair returns to normal.

And there you have it.. everything you need to know!

Consultant @ Aidan Maguire Hair Salon