Aidan MaguireStyle ConsultantStylist
Short Cut and Blow Dry£35.00£30.00£25.00
Medium Cut and Blow Dry£40.00£37.00£30.00
Long Cut and Blow Dry£45.00£45.00£35.00
Short Blow Dry£20.00£20.00£15.00
Medium Blow Dry£25.00£25.00£20.00
Long Blow Dry£30.00£30.00£25.00
Gents Wash and Cut£18.00£18.00Unavailable
Childs Cut (12 years old and under)Unavailable£18.00£15.00
Hair Up
(Bridal, Prom, Event, etc.)
from £35.00from £35.00from £20.00

Prices are based on stylist qualifications and experience and are subject to change.

Aidan MaguireColour ConsultantColourist
Root TintFull head root application to refresh roots only.£30.00£30.00£30.00
Full Head TintFull Head coverage from roots to ends.£40.00£40.00£40.00
T-Section Foils (Short/Medium)Foils applied to the most visible areas of the style.£45.00£45.00£42.00
T-Section Foils (Long)£48.00£48.00£43.00
Half Head Foils (Short/Medium)Foils applied to the top half of the head.£50.00£50.00£45.00
Half Head Foils (Long)£55.00£55.00£50.00
Full Head Foils (Short/Medium)Foils applied to the whole head.£60.00£60.00£55.00
Full Head Foils (Long)£65.00£65.00£58.00
Individual SlicesSingle foils applied where necessary after consultation.£2.00 each£2.00 each£2.00 each
Gloss Semi/Elumen Service (Short/Medium)A demi-permenant high gloss service. Great to refresh or deepen colour.£28.00£28.00£28.00
Gloss Semi/Elumen Service (Long)£33.00£33.00£33.00
Colour CorrectionS.O.S. Colour service for when things have got out of control.Quoted after consultationQuoted after consultationQuoted after consultation
Bond Pro+Protects hair and deeply nourishes during a colour service £10.00£10.00£10.00

Prices are based on stylist qualifications and experience and are subject to change. An allergy test must be carried out 48 hours prior to any salon colour service.

The Express Colour Menu is designed as an introduction for those who are colour shy or a great way for salon regulars to keep on top of their colour services in an emergency!

All services can be completed in about 1 hour with the option for you to dry your own hair in-salon.

EXPRESS ROOTSQuick fix root touch up - just where you need it.£16.00
EXPRESS LIGHTS6 face framing lights for brilliant blondes in distress!£16.00

Remember! An allergy test must be carried out 48 hours prior to any salon colour service.


Bleach based services require the greatest degree of attention to ensure health and vitality remains in the hair. These services usually take longer and your stylist will discuss your desired result and whats involved to achieve these lifted results.

Aidan MaguireColour ConsultantColourist
Roots BleachFull head root application to refresh roots only.£35.00£35.00£35.00
Full Head Bleach (Short/Medium)Full Head coverage from roots to ends.£45.00£45.00£45.00
Full Head Bleach (Long)Full Head coverage from roots to ends.£55.00£55.00£55.00
Balayage and ToneFree-hand painted bleach pieces with an overlay of colour.£55.00£55.00£50.00
Express Toner over BleachBlonde refinement for bleached hair.£12.00£12.00£12.00
Premium Toner over BleachFor more dramatic post-bleach toning effects.£22.00£22.00£22.00

An allergy test must be carried out 48 hours prior to any salon colour service.

Kerasilk brings you long lasting transformation to hair you will fall in love with. With exclusive hair care technologies and high-end ingredients that actively interact with your hair.

Talk to your stylist about your needs to determine which Kerasilk service is perfect for you.


Aidan MaguireColour ConsultantColouristTechnician
Kerasilk Control (Short/Medium)2-3 Hours£99.00£99.00£99.00£99.00
Kerasilk Control (Long)2-3 Hours£109.00£109.00£109.00£109.00
Kerasilk Repower Volume10-20 mins£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Kerasilk Reconstruct15-20 mins£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Kerasilk ColourAdded to any Colour Service£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Kerasilk MaskAdded to any service£3.50£3.50£3.50£3.50


Extensions are great and can create amazing length and/or volume for your style. With proper care we recommend about 5-6 months wear out of your set of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Arrange a consultation and come speak to us, or for more information check out Great Lengths own website below.


Great Lengths Hair


Aidan MaguireExtensions Specialist
ApplicationPrice after consultationPrice After Consultation
Removal£40.00 per hour£40.00 per hour
Extensions Cut and Blow Dry£45.00£45.00
Extensions Blow Dry£35.00£35.00